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The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) provides this website (DBSAlliance.org) as a free information source for site visitors (users). Use of this site indicates understanding and acceptance of the following:

Information on this site is not meant to replace consultation with a qualified health care provider. Users are encouraged to discuss information found on this site with their health care provider(s). DBSA, its officers, Board of Directors, staff and volunteers do not endorse or recommend the use of any health care provider, institution, treatment or medication. For advice about specific treatments or medications individuals should consult with their health care provider(s).

This site does not provide counseling or crisis intervention services. Individuals in need of these services should contact their health care provider or community mental health center or 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). If you or someone you know is having immediate thoughts of self-harm, suicide or harm to others, immediately call 911.

Visitors agree to hold harmless DBSA, its officers, Board of Directors, employees and volunteers from all claims arising out of or related to the use of, or inability to use, this website, any function on this website, any information contained in this website or other sites to which it is linked. This includes but is not limited to, information viewed or downloaded, discussions held in chat rooms or message posted on message boards.

Internet Links

Organizations are free to link to the DBSA website. As individual pages are subject to change or deletion, please link directly to http://www.DBSAlliance.org/. As a general rule, DBSA does not link to any commercial site. To request a link to your organization’s website, please write towebmaster@DBSAlliance.org.

This website contains links to other organizations that may provide useful information for users. Links may also exist from third party websites to the DBSA website. Users acknowledge that DBSA is not in control of these sites and cannot control their content or practices. Existence of a link to or from the DBSA website does not indicate endorsement of any individual, organization, product or practice by DBSA, its officers, Board of Directors, employees, or volunteers.

Use of Content

No content (including text, graphic image, photo, audio/video clip, bulletin board or chat room message, or computer/Internet programming code) contained on this site may be downloaded, printed or distributed via print or electronic format for any commercial use without prior written consent from DBSA. Copies of DBSA's print informational brochures are available free of charge on this website. These brochures may be downloaded, printed and duplicated in entirety without alteration in limited quantity. Other information found on this site, may be printed and duplicated and distributed in limited quantity for non-commercial, educational purposes only with the inclusion of the following acknowledgement: Copyright Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. May not be reproduced or duplicated without prior written permission.

For questions regarding use of information on this site, please contact webmaster@DBSAlliance.org

The support group directory listings published on this website are provided for confidential use by DBSA constituents. No part of this directory may be stored or reproduced electronically or printed (with the exception of printing individual pages listing support groups in your area) without prior permission of DBSA. Information in this directory may not be used for solicitation purposes. Violators may be prosecuted according to federal copyright law.

Users agree to use interactive chat and bulletin board messaging functions included in this site responsibly. The use of obscene, libelous, profane, abusive, harmful, offensive, inaccurate, or otherwise objectionable language of any kind is prohibited. It is prohibited to use language or post materials that are unlawful or seems to encourage or promote illegal behavior. DBSA reserves the right to delete any postings and terminate a user's access to chat and/or bulletin board features at any time for any reason without notification.

Privacy Statement

DBSA does not obtain information that will personally identify website visitors, unless visitors choose to provide such information by using the site’s interactive features including bookstore, chat, and message boards. Information about visitors' use of this website is collected automatically without any personal or identifying information. This includes: domain name from which a user accesses the Internet, the date and time and duration user was connected to the site, the Internet address of the website from which a user linked directly to this website, the type of browser used to access this site and the search engine and keywords used when searching for this site. This information is in aggregate to measure website performance.

DBSA does not give, rent, share, sell or transfer any personal information collected on this site or through any contact to DBSA to any third party. When inquiries are e-mailed to DBSA staff; the message and email address is stored to allow staff to respond electronically. Unless otherwise required by statute, DBSA does not identify publicly who sends questions or comments through this website.

When deemed appropriate at its sole discretion, DBSA may provide user information, including identifying information that may have been entered into the site by the user, to authorized law enforcement agencies when the site has been used in connection with illegal practices.