I'm Living Proof

Young Adults

Moving out on your own, finding first jobs, connecting with significant others—people experience many changes between the ages of 18-29. For those living with a mood disorder, this time of life can be particularly difficult. DBSA has put together this page to help support young adults through these challenges as well as help them connect to other young adult peers.

Ask a Young Adult Peer

Members of the DBSA Young Adult Council offer their perspectives on questions posed by young adults about living with a mood disorder.
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Young Adult Podcast Series

Hosted by members of the DBSA Young Adult Council, this podcast series is focused on the unique challenges facing young adults living with a mood disorder. More podcasts will be added throughout the year. 
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Young Adult Online Support Group

DBSA's weekly young adult online support group provides young adults (between the ages of 18-29) living with depression and bipolar disorder a place to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and offer hope to one another. DBSA support groups are peer-led, meaning they are facilitated by a young adult living with a mood disorder
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I'm Living Proof

Being diagnosed with a mood disorder as a teen can feel like a life sentence. Without success stories, it’s easy to think you will always feel this way and you won’t be able to have the life you had hoped for. Perhaps you remember this feeling when you were first diagnosed. Did life get better for you? Share your journey with teens experiencing mood disorders to give others hope because—you’re living proof! Find inspiration or submit your own story.

Resources for Young Adults (PDFs)

DBSA's Young Adult Council

The charter of the DBSA Young Adult Council is to assist in developing outreach and specialized programming to help young adults as they transition from family support to independence. If you are a young adult (between the ages of 18-29) and would like to get more involved with the DBSA Young Adult Council, please email YACMembership@DBSAlliance.org.



Rebecca's Dream  

DBSA would like to thank Rebecca’s Dream for their support of the DBSA young adult programming. All are extensions of Rebecca’s Dream’s ongoing mission to promote awareness and compassion of depression and bipolar disorder as real diseases. Visit RebeccasDream.org