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Dark Glasses & Kaleidoscopes

Hosted by Tony Dow 

For people living with bipolar disorder, the view of life can seem dark and ominous, or deceptively beautiful! In fact, bipolor disorder can twist and distort the minds of very healthy individuals to the point that their jobs, their families and eventheir lives can be lost. Dark Glasses & Kaleidoscopes provides information, answers and hope for those who suffer, and for their families and friends. See firsthand that treatment is available and successful for over 80% of people with bipolar disorder.

This video is also available on DVD in the DBSA store.

The State of Depression in America

Hosted by Mike Wallace

The State of Depression in America initiate reflects the huge unmet need to examine all aspects of this illness and fully educate the public about depression. Perhaps the greatest challenge is the wide disparities in the quality of care and access to tratment - disparities that cross socio-economic populations, state boundaries, and throughout the public and private payor systems. We have many opportunities to transform mental health care. But to meet the needs of the millions suffering with depression and the millions touched in other ways by this illness, we need far-reaching partnerships. To that end, DBSA compiled the State of Depression in America and presents its findings so that together we can make change happen.

This video is also available on DVD in the DBSA store.