Sample Listing of Resources Available in the Chapter Management Section

All of these resources are available FREE to affiliated DBSA chapters.  To discuss affiliating as a DBSA chapter with a member of the staff, contact, or call (800) 826-3632.

Chapter Management and Growth Tools

  • DBSA Chapter Fundamentals
  • DBSA Chapter Start-Up Guide
  • Chapter Business Cards Example 
  • Conflict Management Tool
  • Fundraising Letter Tool
  • Chapter Incorporation and Tax Exemption
  • Finding and Cultivating Volunteers
  • Professional Advisor Guidelines
  • Requesting a Meeting Site
  • Sample Letterhead
  • Sample Certificate of Appreciation
  • Incorporation Information
  • Sample DBSA By-Laws
  • Basic Self-help Principles
  • Chapter Team Etiquette
  • Don't Do All The Work Yourself!
  • Educational Program Topics for DBSA Chapters
  • Get Out Of A Rut With Brainstorming
  • Helpful Hints for Answering Calls and Emails
  • Helpful Links for Chapter Leader
  • How to Publicize Support Group Meetings
  • Information for New Members About Your Group
  • Low or No Cost Ways to Easily Advertise a Local DBSA Chapter
  • Sample Attendance Sheet - from DBSA Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Sample E-mail Auto-reply
  • Support Through the Teen Years
  • 10 Days and 10 Ways to Raise $100
  • Volunteers - A Dozen Things They Can Do For DBSA
  • DBSA Inclusiveness Guide
  • Starting a Family and Friends Support Group
  • Understanding DBSA Chapter Quality
  • DBSA Chapter Advocacy Guide
  • DBSA Advocacy and Public Policy Information

DBSA Support Group Facilitation

  • DBSA Support Group Facilitation Guide
  • Facilitator Orientation Tool  
  • Approaches to Respond to Crisis   
  • Building On Your Current Facilitator Skills
  • Facilitator Orientation #1 PowerPoint
  • Facilitator Orientation #2 PowerPoint
  • Handout from Facilitator Orientation #3
  • Facilitator Challenges (Role Playing Scenarios)
  • Peer-Based, Self-Help Article
  • Support Group Guidelines (to cut and hand out)
  • Discussion Group Guidelines Article
  • Facilitator Report - provided by DBSA Ohio
  • Facilitator Orientation #1 PowerPoint (From 2004 CLF)
  • Facilitator Orientation #2 PowerPoint (From 2004 CLF)
  • Handout from Facilitator Orientation #3 (From 2004 CLF)
  • Facilitator Challenges (Role Playing Scenarios) (From 2004 CLF)
  • Sample Support Group Meeting Guidelines and Ground Rules
  • Facilitating For Success (Tips)
  • Sample Support Group Survey Form provided by DBSA Aurora
  • Facilitator Orientation Chat Session Transcript #1 from January 2005
  • Free DBSA Brochures/Publications for Your Chapter

News Releases & Samples

  • News Releases for Your Chapter
  • Press Releases Guidelines and Samples

DBSA Chapter Name Change Toolkit

  • Everything you need to know to promote the name “DBSA”

DBSA Chapter Networking 

  • Share your chapter’s knowledge and receive some in return
  • Find other Chapters in Your Area
  • Chapter Leader Email Group
  • Monthly Facilitator Connection Chats

Chapter Leadership Forum (CLF) Materials

  • Effective Communication=Less Conflict
  • Chapter Dreams
  • Chapter Dreams (PowerPoint)
  • Planning and Event from Idea to Evaluation (PowerPoint)
  • Getting and Keeping New Chapter Participants (PowerPoint)
  • Strategic Planning (PowerPoint)
  • Framework for a Basic Nonprofit Strategic Plan
  • Volunteer Empowerment Checklist
  • Action Sheet

Sample Education Session Materials 

  • Educational Topics from A - Z   
  • Sources For Resources   
  • Fundraising: It's Really Not Just About Money   
  • Catapult Your Fundraising With an Advisory Council   
  • How to Lose Donors Like Crazy    

Links for Chapter Leaders AND MORE!