Wellness Strategy Exercise

The Wellness Journey

If we think of wellness as a journey, we'll need three things to get started.

A Destination Where do you want to go? What is my wellness goal?
A Map What’s the best route to take? What steps do I need to take to reach my goal?
A Means of Travel Do I drive or fly? What is my strategy for reaching my goal?


Wellness Goal Have a better relationship with my partner.
Steps Needed I need to improve communication and spend more quality time with my partner.
Strategies Write down thoughts before discussing an important topic.
Practice active listening.
Schedule time to have fun together.

Wellness Strategy Exercise

This exercise is going to focus on the strategies people use to meet their wellness goals and what those strategies help them accomplish.  We'll explore two questions:

Question 1:  What is something you do to stay well?
Question 2:  How does that help you reach your wellness goal?

Even though we come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, and face different challenges, we also have many things in common. The definition of wellness is different for everyone, but as we think about what wellness is, we can fit our definitions into a few broad categories, e.g., physical health, relationships, self-esteem, self-improvement, financial security, career, etc.

Likewise, many people use similar strategies to accomplish their goals. These may include journaling, exercising, getting rest, mediation, and many other strategies.


What it does

Take a walk every night after dinner Reduces stress
Allows for quality time with spouse
Journaling Enhances self-understanding 
Provides an outlet for frustrations rather losing my temper
Aids memory
Get sleep, exercise,  eat right Makes me physically well
Read a lot about my illness Helps me be active in my treatment
Helps me discuss my illness with others

Create your own list of strategies or view a sample of strategies created by our past conference attendees.