Do I Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

Does This Apply To Me?

  A lot A little Not at all
Cravings You have strong urges or needs to drink or use.      
Loss of control You are unable to stop drinking or using once you have begun. You get drunk or high even when you don’t want or intend to. Even after alcohol and drugs cause major problems, you continue drinking or using.      
Physical dependence You have withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness or anxiety when you stop drinking or using. You might take a drink or a drug as soon as you wake up.      
Tolerance You need more alcohol or drugs to get the same effect.      
Physical illnesses can be caused or worsened by drinking/drug use. Or it may take you longer to recover from illness when you’re drinking/using.      
Lying about how much you are drinking/using.      
Being annoyed when people point out or criticize your behavior.      
Feeling guilty about your drinking or drug use.      
Hiding your drinking or drug use from others. Drinking or using when you’re alone.      
Not meeting responsibilities to family, friends, work or school.      
Making rules for yourself in an effort to drink/use less, usually without success.      
Risk-taking such as driving under the influence or sharing needles.      
Blackouts Not remembering what you did when you were under the influence.