Working Toward Wellness

This booklet can help you look at your lifestyle choices, track your progress, recognize patterns, and put together a wellness plan that fits you. 

Working Toward Wellness is only available online.

We cannot fulfill any requests for printed copies at this time. To print the workbook from your computer, please see below.

This workbook has been broken into sections for easier viewing. Click on the links below to view a PDF of each section. You can type your answers directly into the workbook by clicking on the blanks. 

Tip: You might want to save the workbook sections to your home computer in order to keep a printed copy with the most updated information. Using Adobe's .pdf format you may type your answers in, however any typed information will not be stored; therefore you should print out your worksheet for your own reference. 

If you prefer, you can view and/or print the entire workbook.
You will not be able to type responses into this version.