Educational Materials

Education is often the first step to understanding a diagnosis, symptoms and creating your path to wellness. Learn more about the educational materials that DBSA provides to people living with mood disorders, their friends and family, and mental health professionals. 


DBSA offers more than three dozen educational brochures on topics from treatment strategies to combating negative self-talk. You can download or order these brochures from our website. View brochures.


DBSA podcasts feature some of the nation's leading experts on mental health, covering a wide expanse of topics from treatment options, to personal wellness strategies, to relationships, to the creative arts. Listen to podcasts.


DBSA offers a monthly eNewsetter, multiple brochures, and a bookstore housing peer-reviewed titles to help keep you informed. View publications.


In addition to a host of written materials, DBSA also offers videos about depression and bipolar disorder on YouTube. Watch videos.

Living Successfully Course

Living Successfully with a Mood Disorder is an online course accompanied by a synchronized PowerPoint presentation and downloadable handouts. Take the course.

Educational Webinars

DBSA webinars are online educational sessions featuring mental health experts that cover a wide range of topics from treatment options, to personal wellness strategies, to relationships. Watch the following pre-recorded webinars to stay up-to-date.

Outside Resources

View our list of mental health organizations, federal agencies and more. View our outside resources. 


DBSA offers several online stores to connect you with our great resources. From brochures, to books, to bracelets, to music CDs, your purchases help support DBSA's mission to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. Visit our stores.