The path to mental health begins with knowledge.

People who have mood disorders can more readily achieve wellness when they recognize the symptoms and understand the issues related to this spectrum of conditions. Written in plain English and crafted in consultation with both peers and leading clinicians, DBSA educational materials help people with diagnoses and their loved ones to know what mood disorders are, and what can be done for treatment and management.

Mood Disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder, once known as depression and manic depression, are two of the best-known conditions within the spectrum of mood disorders. But mood disorders can take other forms, too, including anxiety. And co-occurring mental and physical health concerns often go hand in hand with mood disorders. Read more...

Educational Materials

Brochures and publications on a variety of topics related to depression and bipolar disorder provide detailed information, balanced perspective, and hopeful insights on how people can and do get better with treatment. Read more...

Training & Events

DBSA’s Peer Specialist Training and educational events for the public, including Chapter Leadership Forums, bring people together to learn skills and access tools that aim to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders. Read more about DBSA Training and Consulting. Read more about DBSA events.