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While supplies last, we are pleased to offer the following resources free of charge:

Resources for Your Staff

Agitation Poster

De-escalation Poster
This 11"x17" poster illustrates the best ways to interact with individuals experiencing an agitation episode, based on consensus guidelines from the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry's Project BETA. It includes information on body language, helpful phrases, and how to set up the environment for best outcomes.

de-escalation card

De-escalation Cards
Designed as a handy reference for nurses, doctors, security staff, and other employees, each card lists the ten principles of verbal de-escalation. Cards are printed on durable plastic and are the same size as a standard badge.


Resources for Your Patients


Understanding Agitation Brochure
This brochure provides education to help patients and loved ones recognize the signs of agitation and know what to do when they appear. It also addresses prevention, treatment, and how to talk with doctors about agitation.

crisis card

Personal Crisis Planning Cards
This card will easily fit in a wallet or pocket, and guides patients through a series of questions to indicate their preferences in the case of a future crisis. it includes a space to write names and numbers of people to call for help, as well as preferred treatments/medications.

Order Hard Copies of the Understanding Agitation Kit

The resources created by DBSA will help you and your staff begin to develop the knowledge and skills to safely, effectively, and collaboratively manage and prevent the escalation of agitation episodes in your patients. All materials are available digitally as well at DBSAlliance.org/UnderstandingAgitationKit.

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