Charlotte Paws it Forward

Charlotte found her forever home with Jamie last June, and she’s loving her life! She gets to go on walks and playdates, but when she’s out and about, people always ask what breed she is.

Her human decided that this would be a great opportunity for Charlotte to help raise money to give back to her four-legged friends. Jamie sent away for a DNA test and solicited guesses on Charlotte’s breed makeup for a donation with all the proceeds going to the Dumb Friends League, where Jamie volunteers. Together, Jamie and Charlotte raised over $1,000 to help pets in need!

Zorah’s Piano Concert

Twelve-year-old Zorah has a whole lot of talent. She can sing and play the piano, and is aspiring to be an anesthesiologist when she grows up. But last year, she turned her talents toward one of her passions: helping homeless pets.

Inspired by her adopted dog with an awesome name, Z-Rock, Zorah decided she would put on a benefit concert to benefit all the pets we take in at the Dumb Friends League. She performed for an hour and a half, and sang songs by everyone from Elvis to Taylor Swift—all while telling jokes about animals in between songs—and when the night was done, she had raised nearly $800!