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Peete Family
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You can help another family like the Peete family. In honor of Devereux’s 100 years nationally and 25 years of providing services to children and families in the state of Florida, we ask you to consider a gift of $125.

These families need YOU! You ensure that they have the wonderful holiday season that they deserve.


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Your Gift of $50

Can help ensure that children can be united with a family member or relative by helping with the expenses of the adoption process.

Your Gift of $125

Can mean more than little league – it can mean a lifetime of friendships or a chance to understand what it means to be a part of a team.

Your Gift of $250

Can provide the wonderful memory of a holiday season filled with presents and decorations throughout the house. More importantly, it will mean a holiday filled with love and happiness.

Your Gift of $500

Can keep the lights and heat/AC on for an impoverished family.

Your Gift of $1,000

Can help cover medical expenses for children like Tyveon who are in need of specialized care.



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