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The Ronald P. Burd 21st Century Fund for Excellence and Innovation

The Fund's Purpose: Investing in Our People

Carrying forward Devereux's spirit of innovation and faith in its people, the Fund will provide supplementary grants to challenge the best and brightest Devereux staff to pilot ideas that (1) enhance the quality of already successful programs; and (2) develop new and more effective treatment methods.

In establishing the Fund, our Trustees recognize that the very best ideas regarding the future of care at Devereux will come from our own people working in the field.

The Fund's Origin

Ron Burd & Bob KreiderEstablished in mid-2003 to mark Ron Burd's retirement, the Fund equally owes its conception to a vision initiated by Helena Devereux decades ago and invigorated by a truly compassionate and devoted Board of Trustees:

"The Devereux aim must always be to innovate and build programs so forward looking that they will never reach completion, but will perpetually pioneer in developing improved insights and solutions."

Seeking always to innovate and improve has led Devereux to develop programs that look beyond providing first-class care, but that serve as, in the words of Ron Burd, "models for this and other nations." There is ample evidence that this vision has had a broad impact; for example:

  • The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Program now trains and supports professionals in all 50 states.
  • The Devereux Behavior Rating Scales are used throughout Devereux and in 250 schools and mental health organizations across the nation.
  • Nearly 1,300 professionals have received clinical training at Devereux.

It was Ron's dedication to Devereux's mission that led the Board of Trustees to establish a special fund in his name. While the fund is a fitting tribute to Ron's career, it also marks a renewed commitment to our people and the clients they serve so well." - Thomas C. Hays, Chairman of the Board and Devereux Parent

CARING about those who provide care . . .

Devereux's leadership has long recognized that its people serving on the front line of care are what make the "Devereux Difference."

Devereux’s staff is its most precious resource and often the difference between good results and great results. The organization has evidenced a strong commitment to staff excellence by investing in training, education, and research. This commitment means going beyond providing comprehensive training and among the most competitive compensation in the industry. Much as Devereux seeks to enable each of its clients to realize his or her full human potential, so too do we strive to foster a culture in which each member of our team is aware of the value they bring to our organization, and each is empowered to become the best caregiver possible. Indeed, because our people are our "product," it is our commitment to them that ultimately results in Devereux's ability to provide the finest mental and behavioral healthcare services available anywhere.

“The Ronald P. Burd 21st Century Fund for Excellence and Innovation fund helps staff with innovative, imaginative ideas to hurdle the roadblock of limited resources and enhance the quality and effectiveness of our services through the strength of their ideas. This is Devereux tradition at its best.” - Robert Kreider, President & CEO

In 2006 The Ronald P. Burd 21st Century Fund has supported:

Devereux’s Early Childhood Initiative (DECI) to produce a series of innovative early childhood training videos. DECI’s mission is to create working partnerships among early childhood educators, mental health professionals, and families to promote young children's social and emotional development, and build skills for school success. DECI is one of the nation’s most utilized early childhood development tools.

The multimedia instructional program provides teachers the help they need in learning techniques and strategies to effectively and positively interact with children presenting difficult behaviors. The project is on 3 DVD discs (2 teacher's discs and a trainer's disc) with over 160 minutes of video including a printable guide and will be available to early childhood educators this fall.

The second 2006 disbursement of the Ronald P. Burd Fund addresses the ever-growing challenge of recruiting and retaining top quality and diverse staff. This initiative focuses especially on our direct care staff that provide the front line supervision and support to our clients. Up to now, only a few of Devereux’s Centers have been able to recruit from resources like Canada and other countries. The experience has proven to be quite successful in those centers.

Now, seed money from the fund will enlarge those efforts to other Devereux Centers across the country and set up a best practices approach to recruiting talented and skilled individuals from countries outside of the United States. A national recruiter will also be retained to strengthen these efforts. The quality of Devereux’s staff is often “the Devereux Difference”.

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