Whitlock - Tom Stein Creative Arts Center (Pennsylvania)

The Tom Stein Creative Arts Center is a stand-alone program located on the Devereux Whitlock Vocational Campus in Devon, Pennsylvania. The Tom Stein Creative Arts Center offers art-related activities that are therapeutic in nature to interested individuals from the Whitlock Center. As a therapeutic outlet is a proven effective treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness who are resistant to traditional verbal therapies or have developmental delays. Engaging in creative art programs encourages our individuals to develop their social skills, enhances their self-esteem, and aids in their ability to acclimate to the community. At Devereux, the expressive arts component of the treatment program is vital to the healing process. "Many individuals in our care are resistant to traditional verbal therapies or have developmental delays making this approach more problematic. Art therapy can circumvent some of these difficulties by providing a non-verbal mode of communication and opportunities for creative expression. Students are eager to participate in this unique program, because they can express themselves in a constructive way and at the same time expand their creativity," Katie Gillespie, Creative Arts Specialist.


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