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Classroom Moments

Program Description

Classroom Moments is an instructional, interactive DVD video developed by the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative (DECI) and Video Active Productions. The program includes 28 video clips of varying lengths captured in actual early childhood classrooms.

The clips are divided into six instructional categories:

Prevention in Action
Positive Guidance in Action
Learning Opportunities
Developing Observation Skills
Case Study: Pre-Intervention
Case Study: Intervention
Additional Resources

Included on the disc are additional resources such as a pdf Trainer Guide (over 60 pages) with recommended ways to use the clips, discussion topics and group activities. The Guide provides a running time and detailed description of each clip. Also on the disc is a free classroom activity song from the Songs of Resilience CD package.

Quality Content and Ease of Use

This new training resource takes advantage of DVD technology to provide high quality video. This DVD is the perfect tool for any trainer who has ever wanted to bring their training material to life with footage from early childhood classrooms. The DVD can be played on a DVD player or on a DVD equipped computer, making it suitable for use as part of a formal training session or as a self-learning module.

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