Tell your senator to end harsh penalties for drug possession.

We're close to passing legislation that would end felonies for possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use in California. Please call your senator and urge them to VOTE YES on SB 1506 today!

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Sample Script: I am calling to ask the senator to vote yes on SB 1506 because:

  • Voters in your district support this reform. A recent poll showed that the overwhelming majority (70 percent) of Californians support reducing the penalty for drug possession to a misdemeanor or lower.

  • This bill would spare tens of thousands of Californians from the severe consequences of a felony conviction -- all while saving California $1 billion over five years.

  • The state's budget is in peril, and California's jails and prisons are in crisis. We can no longer afford to aimlessly fill jails and leave people addicted to drugs without access to treatment.