Stop Drug War Spending in California

This alert is no longer active, but please consider taking another action:

Medical Marijuana Under Attack
Medical marijuana will never be safe unless we change federal law permanently and the CARERS Act is the unprecedented chance to do it. Tell your U.S. House Representatives to support the bill.
Hold the DEA Accountable
Sex parties with drug traffickers, warrantless wiretapping, no-knock raids. The DEA is out of control. Sign the Petition to hold them accountable.
Free Victims of the Drug War
President Obama has been under significant pressure to free victims of the drug war and he's finally starting to listen. Join DPA and call on President Obama to use his executive powers to grant freedom to victims of the disastrous war on drugs.
Legalize Medical Marijuana
The CARERS Act is the first-ever bill in the U.S. Senate to legalize marijuana for medical use and the most comprehensive medical marijuana bill ever introduced in Congress. Take action today.
End the Federal War on Marijuana
Even though the movement to legalize marijuana is playing out state-by-state, federal safeguards are essential. Demand that your member of Congress sponsor legislation that will protect states and end the federal war on marijuana.
Tax and Regulate Marijuana in D.C.
Keep the pressure your Council Members to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in D.C.
Help Veterans Access Medical Marijuana
Tell your member of Congress to support the Veterans Equal Access Act and finally allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to veterans in the states where it is legal.
Don't Let Law Enforcement Steal from Innocent People
The FAIR Act is bipartisan legislation that was just introduced in both houses of Congress to end the perverse incentives that federal laws give police to take innocent people's property and run. Tell Congress to support the FAIR Act today.
Pressure your U.S. Senators to reform federal drug laws
In the coming weeks, the U.S. Senate could vote on legislation that would reform disastrous mandatory minimum drug sentencing policies that put so many people behind bars. Tell your Senators to support the Smarter Sentencing Act.
Tell the DEA: Don't Block Medical Marijuana Research
The National Institute on Drug Abuse just approved a study that will focus on the effects of marijuana in veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. But now it needs final approval from the DEA. Tell the DEA to approve it.
We Can't End AIDS Until We End the Drug War
Millions of people have died of AIDS because of bad drug policy -- and millions more lives hang in the balance. Tell your Senator to end the ban on syringe access funding for HIV prevention.
You can help end the war on drugs!
You and I both know it's time to end the war on drugs. But in order to win, we need as many political leaders as possible to show their support and take drug policy reform seriously.Tell your legislators: No More Drug War!