Fundraise to help people with Parkinson's live well today!

Once you are registered, visit your participant center to update your personal page.

  1. Upload a photo, update your page title and summary of your fundraiser
  2. Create a friendly URL to share on social media and in emails
  3. Start a Facebook Fundraiser directly through your Participant Center
  4. Import a contact list and email friends and family letting them know about the great feat you are participating in (and for a good cause too!)
  5. Customize the email template to send (Send more than one email. Statistics show that the first email you send will result in 25% of your goal. The second email update will result in 75% of your goal!)
  6. Use your participant center to track email opens, donations, and check your progress
  7. Thank your donors!


Do you want to brainstorm fundraising ideas or need help getting started? Contact us to help you reach your goal!

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