Celtic Thunder: Legacy, DVD v1

Celtic Thunder: Legacy, DVD v1

“Legacy” is an exciting new live show that celebrates the influence of Irish and Celtic music around the world and the imprint that such music has made. Lively, fast paced and upbeat songs “A Place in The Choir” “Galway Girl” and “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” represent the fun loving nature of the Irish while the slower classic ballads “ Black Velvet Band” “Noreen” and “Mountains of Mourne” play to their nostalgic and romantic side. Featuring all new recordings, the songs on “Legacy” are varied in style and run the gamut from classic Irish folk songs and ballads such as “Danny Boy” and “Buachaille On Eirne” to the more contemporary hits “Falling Slowly” and “Ride On” and rousing anthems “Caledonia” and “Ireland’s Call”.

Track List

1. Intro
2. Heartland
3. Danny Boy
4. The Galway Girl
5. Mountains of Mourne
6. Ride On
7. Buchaille on Eirne
8. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
9. Black Velvet Band
10. The Dutchman
11. Falling Slowly
12. A Place in the Choir
13. Noreen
14. Caledonia
15. Cal Local Hero
16. Ireland's Call
17. Credits

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