Our Polish Story, DVD

Filmmaker Keith Famie, who participated in Season 1 of "Survivor," documents the Polish-American community in Detroit, providing insight into the culture and history.  

Calling themselves 'Polonia', many Poles immigrated to Detroit because of the bedrock of jobs, schools and churches, and by 1914, they made up nearly 24% of our population;

This DVD contains an inspiring look at their history.  It tracks Polish Americans through the most tragic moments in their cultural history and revels in their greatest triumphs.

Both heartwarming and harrowing, 'Our Polish Story' tells the true Detroit story - the struggles and jubilations experienced by some of our most influential citizens.  From politicians to artists, businessmen and musicians, the recurring theme throughout 'Our Polish Story' is faith, family and fortitude in the face of life's most difficult trials.

'Our Polish Story' is seen through the eyes of both immigrants and first generation Polish Americans.  This is their story, but to Detroiters, it's a proud chapter in 'Our Story'.

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