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Blood Sugar Solution with Dr. Mark Hyman, Combo - $250


DVD of the program

In this 60-minute public television special, Dr. Mark Hyman explains what diabesity is, outlines the underlying causes that drive the problem, and provides a personalized, 4-step plan to help you overcome diabesity. Watch as he explains how we can all take back our health as individuals, as a community, and as a society.


Hardcover Book, The Blood Sugar Solution

In The Blood Sugar Solution, bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman discusses diabesity and its causes, and presents his scientifically based program for rebalancing insulin levels. Although insulin imbalance is the root cause of obesity and overweight and is responsible for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, and other diseases, Dr. Hyman explains it mostly results from lifestyle factors within our control.

This book will radically change the way you think about your body, your lifestyle, and the power you have to change your health. Dr. Hyman identifies the seven keys to achieving wellness—optimize your nutrition, balance your hormones, cool off inflammation, fix your digestion, enhance detoxification, boost your energy metabolism, and calm your mind—and outlines the steps needed to personalize your approach to healing. His six-week action plan will help you identify and address the unique causes of your own health and weight issues, and offers exercise advice, stress-reducing strategies, a menu plan with delicious recipes, and much more.


The Blood Sugar Solution Workshop: UltraHealthy Tools for Overcoming Diabesity

- the following items are combined in one tuck box  which includes:   

1. DVD of the program (1 DVD) In this 60-minute public television special, Dr. Mark Hyman explains what diabesity is, outlines the underlying causes that drive the problem, and provides a personalized, 4-step plan to help you overcome diabesity. Watch as he explains how we can all take back our health as individuals, as a community, and as a society.

2. WORKBOOK (1 spiral bound book) In this workbook created especially for public television, Dr. Hyman provides an interactive, step-by-step workbook that helps you put the six-week Blood Sugar Solution to work in your life in a simple practical way. Journaling exercises, quizzes, nutrition information, and health trackers included.

3. The Blood Sugar Solution Workshop DVD Case featuring:

  • 3.1.    Workshop DVD (1 DVD) Watch as Dr. Mark Hyman explains the true causes of diabesity--the continuum of health problems that starts with mild weight problems and goes all the way to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sit in on this fascinating discussion of the personal, local, and global impact of the diabesity epidemic; strategies for getting healthy with others; and advice on green living, supplements, and medication. Learn exactly how to overcome diabesity in your life. Includes bonus footage featuring Q&A with Dr. Hyman.
  • 3.2.    Bonus Gifts CD "Quizzes & Recipes" (1 CD-ROM titled "The Blood Sugar Solution Quizzes & Recipes") containing 2 printable documents:
  • The Blood Sugar Solution Quizzes (1 PDF) Exclusive for public television, The Blood Sugar Solution quizzes on this CD-ROM help you drill deep into your biology and tease out the imbalances that are driving your symptoms. Use these quizzes to identify what may be wrong with you and personalize the program to fit your particular needs.
  • The Blood Sugar Solution Recipes (1 PDF) Exclusive to public television, this special guide has over 80 delicious, nourishing recipes, designed by Dr. Hyman and his head nutritionist and chef, for breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks. These nourishing recipes conform precisely to the guidelines in The Blood Sugar Solution and are gluten and dairy free -- two of the most damaging food allergens that can contribute to diabesity and a host of other health problems. You won't have to think about what to cook or what to shop for because it's all provided here in step by step detail. As Dr. Hyman says, the most powerful medicine we have is our fork, and by eating the right foods, we can rebalance our biology and overcome even the most devastating illnesses.

4.      The Blood Sugar Solution Quick Start Guide (1 pamphlet) Learn the 10 easy steps that will help you get started on The Blood Sugar Solution immediately. Put these steps to work in your life and you will see a major change in your weight and health, even if you do nothing else.

5. The Blood Sugar Solution: Nutrition Coaching Offer (1 flyer) If you are new to healthy living or are just making a change, you may not know how to eat healthy, cook healthy, prepare your foods, what foods to avoid, find out what foods you are allergic to - in other words, for many of you who are used to eating the SAD diet (the standard American diet), eating healthy may seem like learning a foreign language.

The UltraWellness Nutrition Coaching program solves this problem for you in a snap by providing you with personal and private access to a professionally trained nutritionist  any question on your mind can be answered within 1 business day.

Here's a peek at what you'll get:

  • World-renowned Nutritionists - Access to expert nutritionists, trained by Mark Hyman, M.D.
  • Unrestricted Access - Ask unlimited questions, any time around the clock.
  • Fast Response - Get your answers within 1 business day, sometimes faster
  • Complete Privacy - All questions and answers are private
  • Friendly Community - Receive help and encouragement from others in the community

Dr. Hyman is including 30 days free access to this special program exclusively to people who pledge for PBS. Get the professional support you need from professionals personally trained by Dr. Hyman.

6.      The Blood Sugar Solution Supplements Offer (1 flyer) Nutritional supplements are an essential and effective part of diabesity treatment. Doctors used to think that you got all your vitamins and minerals from food and that any extra was excreted, or worse, was toxic. But the tide is shifting. Doctors now prescribe over a $1 billion worth of fish oil supplements. Most cardiologists recommend folate, fish oil, and coenzyme Q10. Gastroenterologists recommend probiotics. Obstetricians have always recommended prenatal vitamins.

Emerging scientific evidence has proven the importance of nutrients as essential helpers in our biochemistry and metabolism. They are the oil that greases the wheels of our metabolism. And large-scale nutritional deficiencies in our population, including omega 3 fats, vitamin D, folate, zinc, magnesium, and iron, have been well documented in extensive government-sponsored research. It may seem like a paradox but obesity and malnutrition often go hand in hand. Processed, high-sugar, high-calorie foods contain almost no nutrients yet require even more vitamins and minerals to metabolize them. It's a double whammy.

Get access to the same supplement Dr. Hyman uses in his practice to treat his patients at a reduced price.

7. The Blood Sugar Solution Online Course Offer (1 flyer) Getting healthy alone, without personalized support is difficult. We get healthy better together. That is why Dr. Hyman has created a 12-week interactive online curriculum that will support you on your journey to UltraWellness. Walk through each of the steps in the book as Dr. Hyman supports you with video, personalized articles, and specific information on diet, supplements, testing, and more.

When you start the curriculum you will also receive access to a community forum where you can work with other people who have the same health problems you do. This unique online forum gives you the virtual community you need to support your journey to health.  Exclusively for PBS get the first two weeks free!  Please note:  this curriculum will be available Fall 2012.

8. Dr. Hyman's Newsletter Dr. Hyman's weekly newsletter is filled with facts and tips designed to help you get and stay UltraHealthy for life. Get automatic access to his most recent articles, blog archive, featured recipes, and more.  In addition, gain access to a FREE report titled 'Give Yourself a Biologic Tune-Up'.  This report will help you balance the 7 Keys for UltraWellness.

This free subscription to Dr. Hyman's weekly email newsletter shares detailed advice on how to use the latest groundbreaking research to optimize your health, metabolism, brain and overcome chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, depression and more.

  • PLUS 1 item not physically in the box but available via download: The Blood Sugar Solution How To Work With Your Doctor Workbook Conventional medical practitioners do not know how to effectively treat diabesity. The treatments they do use-namely, blood sugar lowering medications like insulin-have been proven to be ineffective at best, life-threatening at worse. In this guide, Dr. Hyman outlines how to advocate for yourself in the modern medical setting and explains how you can get the tests and treatments you need to rebalance your biology and heal from diabesity. Learn precisely what tests you need. Explore more extensive medical treatments. And learn how to better communicate with your physician to get what you need. (Available via download; visit www.bloodsugarsolution.com homepage for download.)
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