#For Such a Time: Disaster Preparedness

Tell Congress to invest in disaster preparedness this year!  

Together with presiding bishops of the ELCA and the Episcopal church, we PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of polices and investments that raise disaster preparedness.

PRAY for all those affected by disasters. Remember those who have lost everything and all those who are working to respond.

Lord of the wind and water, this past year our earth and your people have experienced life-changing disasters. Give a measure of your comfort to those whose loved ones have died, a measure of your encouragement to those who are rebuilding their homes, and a measure of hope to all of those who have been impacted by a disaster. Grant wisdom to those who are seeking to mitigate the effects of disasters, so their efforts may help to reduce the suffering of those who feel the effects of a disaster. Help us to not forget all of these for whom we pray. This we ask in your son’s name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

- Rev. Michael Stadie, Program Director for Lutheran Disaster Response

FAST to remember the damages wrought, lives lost and the illnesses plaguing so many around the world as a result of natural disasters.   

Share on social media using #PrayFastAct and #ELCAAdvocacy. On the 21st, post a picture of a dinner place setting with the reason you are fasting this month. (Sample message: We fast on this day in solidarity with people whose lives are threatened by rising sea levels, floods, increasingly destructive storms, extreme droughts and fires.) If you are unable to fast, consider participating by abstaining from carbon or fossil fuel-based resources.

ACT by urging our elected leaders to support strong policy solutions that address the increasingly urgent preparation and reconstruction needs of communities threatened by extreme and unpredictable weather that result in disasters that alter lives forever. 

(Read more about the programs that are critical to U.S. disaster infrastructure and relief here.)


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