Support Criminal Justice Reform for non-violent youth


Help 17-year-old Youth Offenders Receive a Better Chance to Change

We are excited about the bill to send youth who are 17 years old and have committed a non-violent crime (as first-time offenders) into the juvenile justice system. 

We believe that engaging with these young people in the juvenile rather than adult justice system will increase their chances of finding a better future.  Before our neighbors in Illinois passed the same type of bill, they paid attention to research that showed reduced recidivism among 17-year-old offenders tried in juvenile courts.

The bill includes a list of “violent offenses” that will remain as adult charges.  It also keeps 17-year-olds who have previously been found delinquent in the adult system. 

The Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin has made this change in Wisconsin’s criminal justice system a priority since one of the bill’s sponsors, Senator Jerry Petrowski, attended our advisory council/staff retreat in 2014. The proposed legislation has some bi-partisan support.  Now is the time to invite all of our legislators to sign on and make a difference in Wisconsin.

Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!  Amos 5:24

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