Support Victims of Sex-Trafficking in Wisconsin


Support Victims of Sex-Trafficking in Wisconsin

Every Wisconsin County has been impacted by sex-trafficking, and the average age for being trafficked is 13 

We come to you at a time when our state is caught in a whirlwind of turmoil over campaign finance and the dismantling of the Government Accountability Board.  We are also deeply disturbed.  At the same time, let us not forget proposed legislation that could impact some of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable.

As recently as last week, an FBI sting rescued 149 child and adult victims of trafficking, several from Wisconsin  The victims experience a form of modern-day slavery, and they need services to release them from the clutches of their traffickers and to find a safe place to heal.

Today, we need your help to call upon Wisconsin’s assembly and senate to clarify our law so that youth under 18 caught in prostitution will always be directed to receive services as victims, and not be treated as criminals.  Please support the bill in both houses: AB 267 and SB 200.  The Assembly Committee on Children and Families will hold a public hearing on the bill at the state capitol on Wednesday, October 28th at 10:00 AM.  We invite you to attend (check with our LOPPW office to ensure there is no time change and to get the room number).  If you cannot attend, please take this opportunity to send a letter!

The Lutheran Office for Pubic Policy in Wisconsin has worked with Cherish All Children over the last 18 months on a Safe Harbor Campaign.  This bill contains the qualities of a Safe Harbor bill.  And after talking to experts on anti-sex trafficking around the state via individual conversations and the Wisconsin Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, it is clear that the current system is broken.  Consensus is that this bill will be a springing board from which to better serve children and youth who have experienced some of the severest abuse.

The bill includes a fiscal estimate of between $3-$8.5 million to help with services.  That is a start.  Our youth need and deserve the help.

ELCA Social Statement on Sexuality (p. 34):  The sexual body is never to be used as an object for commercial purposes, and this church will speak against the public idolatry of pleasure, freedom, and wealth that undergirds such practices. Especially deplorable is the billion-dollar global sex market and the economic systems that thrive on it, both in the United States and abroad.

Join us in urging Wisconsin to protect our young people!



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