Tell Congress to protect children and families who must flee to safety

Central America

President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at crippling the asylum process, increasing the detention of migrants, and expanding border enforcement, among other migration issues. Migration continues to be a divisive topic throughout our country. Misinformation about and fear of those who flee their homes too often fosters hatred and animosity toward our neighbors. Jesus commands us to love our neighbors. Demonstrate that love today by speaking up on behalf of those who seek safety and sanctuary in the United States.

Tell policy makers Lutherans support compassionate policies that provide immediate safety for vulnerable people and faithful solutions to the conditions that cause people to flee.  

As a church accompanying churches and programs in Central America, Mexico, and the U.S. we are in relationship with the children and families who seek safety in the U.S. We have seen the conditions of violence and poverty that force many to leave their homes. Because of these relationships, we fully oppose any policies that aim to prevent them from seeking safety in the U.S. or from being properly screened for trafficking.

We are proud of the ELCA AMMPARO strategy, a holistic, whole church commitment to accompany vulnerable children from Central America. With this initiative, the ELCA is working for just and human policies toward migrants in and outside the U.S. We stand with our partner, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, in affirming our collective dedication to refugees and migrants.   


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