#ForSuchATime: Care For Creation

Ask Congress to Support robust funding for domestic and international environmental programs in the FY2018 budget  

Together with presiding bishops of the ELCA and the Episcopal church, we PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of federal programs that are vital to all, but especially the most vulnerable and the marginalized.

FSAT August 2017As Lutherans, we recognize that the failure to protect God’s creations leads to problems that intensify social injustices, creating situations where the marginalized and vulnerable are most impacted by the ill effects of environmental degradation. Without appropriate environmental care, economic growth cannot be sustained. As a church together, let us lift our voices and ask our members of Congress to protect funding for the federal governmental agencies’ environmental programs that protect all of creation:

  1. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – The EPA protects human health and the environment. It rigorously develops, implements and enforces standards that keep pollution out of the air and the water; harmful chemicals out the food we eat; protect the lands where we live, work, and play; and safeguard animals and plant life.  
  2. Department of Interior (DOI)– The DOI pro­tects and manages the United States’ natural resources including public lands and waterways; furthers the protection of endangered species; and honors the Nation’s trust responsibilities and special commit­ments to American Indians and Alaska Natives. 
  3. Department of Energy (DOE) – The DOE oversees research and development initiatives; and implementation of critical programs that involve clean energy and energy efficiency that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  4. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - The USDA provides support for programs that includes investing in rural communities; beginning farmers and ranchers; nutrition assistance for vulnerable populations; agricultural research; food safety; and increasing the resilience of natural resources 
  5. Department of State (the State Department) - The State Department funds programs that mitigate the harmful consequences of climate change and promotes human rights. Worldwide, it furnishes life-saving humanitarian aid that fosters growth, reduces poverty, and combats disease.  

(Read more about U.S. Environmental budget here.)


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