Hurricane Recovery Alert

Advocate for the communities affected by Harvey, Irma, and Maria  

Hurricane“Loving God, we come to you trusting in your mercy and knowing that your steadfast love endures forever. Look with mercy on those who are harmed or displaced by flood waters. Give them your strength to meet the days ahead, your peace which passes all understanding and new hope in the resurrection. Move in those who are able to give aid, that we may be your hands and heart on earth.”

(Pastor Kay Braun, adapted)

Following natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria, key lawmakers in Congress are now calling for an immediate disaster aid bill to help communities rebuild. Legislators hope to provide recently-hit regions like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with immediate recovery assistance, while also offering longer term aid for states like Texas and Florida. As churches involved firsthand in the recovery process, Lutheran congregants and ministries can offer a compelling public voice in support of a just aid package, and help ensure that federal assistance reaches the most vulnerable.

Churches and other houses of worship are often the first to offer critical assistance for communities. Lutheran ministries continue to offer help for those with few places to turn to: collecting donations, providing life-essential services, opening their doors for people in need of shelter, and assisting the most vulnerable with restoring homes and lives. Lutherans have a deep history of responding to natural disasters, and can further their impact through advocacy. 

Send your your legislators a customizable letter below, and encourage them to fund critical programs, ensure low-income neighborhoods receive assistance, and expedite the recovery process.

Lutheran Disaster Response

Lutheran Disaster Response, Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands, local churches and synod offices have been working around the clock to offer critical assistance for the impacted communities. You can help contribute directly to those impacted by the recent hurricanes and find out more about how you can get involved by clicking here.



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