#ForSuchATime: Housing and Homelessness

Tell Congress to address homelessness this year!  

FSAT October HomeTogether with presiding bishops of the ELCA and the Episcopal church, we PRAY, FAST and ACT in support of comprehensive polices that support people struggling with housing insecurity and homelessness.

The ELCA Social Message on homelessness affirms that, “Church leaders are challenged to help create the public will to eliminate homelessness.” As followers of Jesus, we understand that shelter and affordable housing are more than simple commodities. A secure home is the foundation that enables people to build and thrive. As unique stakeholders in the fight to end homelessness, people of faith can advocate for good policies that curb poverty by supporting:

  • LOW INCOME HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LIHEAP) Energy is a critical resource, and as the seasons turn, many low-income homes struggle to keep heat on in their homes. Programs such as LIHEAP give states the funding to help low-income families with the highest energy costs meet their heating and cooling needs.
  • TENANT-BASED RENTAL ASSISTANCE Rental assistance applied in innovative ways gives low-income households the funds they need to find affordable housing, and is more fiscally efficient than emergency shelters. TBRA programs provide assistance to individuals to help them afford the housing costs of market-rate units.
  • SENIOR HOUSING As the U.S. population ages, lack of affordable housing for seniors has become a critical issue for many on fixed incomes. Supportive Housing for the Elderly funds sponsors agencies and nonprofits that help develop and operate affordable senior housing.
  • RURAL HOUSING ASSISTANCE Rural communities face some of the steepest housing challenges in the nation. Lack of development and renovation over decades has resulted in many hidden costs, from rapid physical deterioration, poor insulation, overcrowding, and more.

(Read more about U.S. Housing and Homeless Prevention Programs here.)


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