Welcome to the Virtual Winship Win the Fight 5K!

September 26 - October 3, 2020

Daily Challenges have been created to keep you on your toes, and with a week-long event, there's something new to look forward to each day. Pick the day that works best for your schedule or a challenge you want to participate in, then incorporate the challenge into your 5k however you see fit. Share on social media using #Winship5k to help spread the word!

Mark your calendar for the Winship 5K Virtual Celebratory Ceremony Saturday, October 3 at 8:00 a.m. Details will be e-mailed out to all registered participants!

Daily Challenges

Saturday, September 26: CARE
Reflect on the past decade of #Winship5K races by posting a memory or photo that shows your commitment to winning the fight. Better yet, snap a pic with your favorite Winship 5K t-shirt, or first-time participants can pose with their Winship 5K race bibs.

Sunday, September 27: DISCOVER
Take an unexpected detour, explore a route you’ve never taken, or find a new route using the Strava app.

Monday, September 28: CONNECT
Share a screenshot of a video chat with your team or with a friend you met through your Winship experience!

Tuesday, September 29: IMAGINE
Plan a coordinated outfit or theme for you and your team that shows how you’re (re)imagining ways to win the fight at this year’s #Winship5K.

Wednesday, September 30: INNOVATE
Today, we’re challenging you to find new ways of participating in the #Winship5K — the more creative, the better.

Thursday, October 1: COURAGE
Show off your fearless drive and fight by beating an old record or achieving a new goal, whether it’s distance, time, or terrain.

Friday, October 2: WIN
Show us your best “photo finish” — that awesome, celebratory moment when you realized you’ve accomplished what you wanted to. We call that a win.

Saturday, October 3: HOPE
Tell us why you have hope to win the fight by dedicating your run to someone affected by cancer and sharing a photo or memory.

To learn more about the virtual Winship 5K watch the video below

Click here for tools and resources for the Winship Win the Fight 5K!