rideATAXIA Philly 2018

Team Sean Anderson

On October 14, we are riding to find a cure for Friedreich’s Ataxia, the life-shortening neuromuscular disorder that affects Sean and many of our friends and our friend’s children.  We need your help.  There are several promising treatments in development, but it takes money to bring them to and through trial.  It’s a very different treatment pipeline we see today, compared to what we saw, when Sean was diagnosed the day before Thanksgiving 2006.  When Sean was diagnosed, there was one drug in trial and two other drugs that were in the very early stages of research.  Today, we have multiple drugs in trial, and many more in various stages in development.  There are lots of reasons to hope a treatment is in the near future.  However, in the last 12 years, Sean’s FA has progressed as well.  So, we have a real sense of urgency to find a treatment or cure for him, before we run out of time.  We are asking that you help us, as we ride to save our son’s life.  A grateful thank you from all of us at Team Sean Anderson as well as from all the families affected by FA.

RideATAXIA was founded by Kyle Bryant, a young man with FA.  Kyle redefined what was possible in his life when he took up recumbent cycling.  He says after training for and completing his first century ride, "I can't even walk down the street, but I rode 100 miles in a day.  After that the sky was the limit."  Since 2007, rideATAXIA has raised over $6 million to fund FA research progress.

Join us in supporting the urgent pace of that research.  Donate.  Together we will cure FA!

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