rideATAXIA Orlando 2018

Team Crizzy
Team Crizzy

Team Crizzy

On Saturday, November 10th, TEAM CRIZZY is riding to cure Friedreich’s ataxia (FA), a debilitating, life shortening neuromuscular disease wich affects CHRISTIAN ,ISABEL ,JOSH, SHANDRA and many other friends in our FA family.

This has been a long journey for our family since our twins got diagnosed 10 years ago! Christian and Isabel have participated in many clinical trials and research studies towards finding a treatment or cure for FA. We will continue to fight and help will all our might. We are very thankful that we are also joined by JOSH and SHANDRA as well as our wonderful UF Doctors and Lab members!

Big shout out to the Mifsud family for always riding along with us! 

Since 2007, rideATAXIA has raised over $6 million to fund FA research progress.

Join us TEAM CRIZZY in  supporting the urgent pace of  research.  Donate.  Together we will cure FA!


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