rideATAXIA Chicago Summer Challenge 2020



     Laura passed away unexpectedly on June 6th due to complications from FA.  We are continuing her tradition of supporting rideATAXIA this year in her honor.  Laura participated in rideATAXIA for the past 7 years.  Finding a treatment or even a cure for FA was her goal. She would be very grateful for your participation in this year's virtual ride. 

     Remember, together we will cure FA!  And as Laura would say, we need to do it now!

     FA is a progressive neuromuscular disease which affects balance and coordination, energy production, vision, speech/swallowing, and heart function.  FA affects more than 5,000 individuals in the U.S.  Onset of symptoms varies from childhood to adulthood.  Laura started showing symptoms of FA at age 3 and was diagnosed at age 5.  





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