Cycle for Sight is quickly becoming one of Canada's premiere cycling fundraisers. Join hundreds of sighted, low vision and non-sighted riders in cities across the country to see what you're made of.

About the event

The FFB’s fastest growing fundraiser is gearing up for another action-packed, one-day cycling event in 2018. With rides in Ottawa, Toronto, Alberta, Newfoundland and the West Coast, Cycle For Sight is perfect for cycling enthusiasts or leisure riders, riding single or tandem bikes.

Living with vision loss?

No problem. Low-vision and non-sighted riders are encouraged to participate by joining or forming a team and riding tandem.

Highlights for 2018 include:

  • Distances ranging from 10 km to 160 km
  • En route mechanical and EMS support
  • Multiple rest stops with food and drinks
  • Finish line party
  • And more...

So hit the road with us and help add to the over $3.7 million we’ve already raised for the Foundation Fighting Blindness!

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About the Cause

Since 2009, Cycle for Sight has raised over $3.7 million in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB). At the FFB, it is our mission to lead the fight against blindness by advancing retinal disease research, providing education and public awareness, and ultimately restoring hope and sight.

Over 1 million Canadians are living with blinding retinal eye diseases right now.

Some were born blind. Others have experienced vision loss as teenagers or during adulthood. Many have been forced to sacrifice their independence; leaving life-long careers or forfeiting their driver’s license. More still have been losing sight of their loved ones, as blind spots overtake the clarity of their children’s faces.

With the support of our donors, the Foundation Fighting Blindness has invested $30 million to support vision research across Canada, since 1974. That’s over 200 research grants that have led to over 600 new discoveries in exciting areas of study like: stem cell research, neuroprotective therapies, technological developments, pharmaceuticals and gene therapies. All research supports our goal of understanding why vision loss occurs, how it can be slowed or stopped, and how sight can be restored.

We are also a community. Diverse and thriving, we represent hundreds of volunteers, thousands of individuals and families affected by retinal eye diseases and scores of Canadian scientists seeking cures for blindness. To learn more about the FFB and the work we do, please visit

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