The Right Road

The Right Road is an adventure story, a story of courage and determination, the story of a dream and how to make it come true. What makes a 52-year-old man so committed to a dream that he would decide to try to walk across Canada? The answer is the love for his son. John Davidson was no stranger to long-distance walking. In 1995 he pushed his 15-year-old son Jesse in a wheelchair more than 3,300 kilometers across Ontario, an arduous trek they called Jesse's Journey. Their goal was to raise money for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a fatal disorder Jesse was diagnosed with when he was six. In 1998, with the same goal in mind, John took on a even greater challenge - a solo walk from one side of Canada to the other. In the Right Road, you will read how he took the first steps of this 8,300-kilometer journey exactly 50 years from the day he arrived in Canada when he was two years old.

You will be caught up in a story of valour and perseverance as you learn about the planning and the allegory of the boxes and you will walk with John as each morning he sets out to conquer another 33 kilometers. You will meet his team and learn how his dream became theirs. Like John, you will experience the natural and man-made wonders of Canada from coast to coast, along with scorching sun, blizzards, penetrating rain and loneliness. But you will also meet many of the thousands of Canadians he met along the road. The Right Road is their story, too, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny.

John Davidson's accomplishment will fill you with awe and The Right Road is primer for anyone who has a dream but doesn't know how to make it reality as he shares the precepts that guided him from beginning to end. But most of all, it is the inspiring account of a father's love.

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