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Preparing You for MBA Success

You did it! You were accepted into the MBA program of your dreams! But now what? How do you prepare to make the most of this transformational experience?

Forté research suggests that when starting an MBA, many women struggle with balancing everything in their lives, finding their voice in team settings, and prioritizing what’s important during their schooling in order to be successful after graduation.

Introducing MBA Takeoff: Preparing to Succeed in Your MBA

We have taken FranklinCovey’s world-renowned leadership training and combined it with Forté’s gender and MBA expertise to develop a revolutionary, hybrid program designed to support you through the first year of your MBA journey. You are investing so much of your time and talent into your MBA, and it’s important to make sure you are starting with all the tools you will need to succeed. With MBA Takeoff, you will get practical tips for success; have an advantage over your peers because of your preparation and network; and create a support network with other women starting this journey.

Takeoff will leave you ready to execute — and excel — on this life-changing goal.

MBA Takeoff Program Details



MBA Takeoff is a hybrid learning experience that combines FranklinCovey’s award-winning leadership content and Forté’s gender expertise to prepare women mentally, socially, and emotionally for the life and the career-changing journey that is an MBA. With overarching learning objectives of Lead from Within, Lead Others and Lead in Business School, key components of this program include:

  • ~9 hours of self-directed learning and reflection exercises designed to support MBA women in negotiations, communications and goal-setting.
  • Online sessions which explore:
    • Online presence.
    • Positioning yourself as a great intern candidate.
    • Women’s MBA student networks and support.
    • Speaking up in the classroom.
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the classroom.
    • Introducing yourself with confidence.*
    • Career exploration and change.*
    • Job Searching as an international non-US MBA Student.**
  • Online learning community.
  • Access to FranklinCovey learning modules for full year.
  • Access to Jhana, an online resource that provides practical tips and advice through an engaging email newsletter and access to a robust library of nearly 2,000 videos, articles, and tools.

*Session also available to Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference attendees.

**Designed to support non-US MBA students.