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Forté National Campus to Business Leadership Conference

Wherever your dreams take you, you need business skills to get started. Business isn’t an exclusive major or a career track — it’s a universal language that unlocks leadership opportunities.

Discover how to turn your passions into a business career during this premier virtual event for undergraduate women from any major and any background. You'll explore business career paths, hear from exciting speakers — like New York Times bestselling author, Lindsey Pollak — and meet with recruiters from Fortune 500 companies who are in search of candidates just like you.



Women of Color who are admitted to the National Campus to Business Leadership Conference will be invited to our pre-conference Symposium. Learn more >>


  1. Glance into a day-in-the-life of successful businesswomen
  2. Participate in simulations that will demonstrate a real business-world experience and demystify business career paths
  3. Grow your network to set yourself up for a successful entry
    into the business world
  4. Learn how earning your MBA can accelerate your leadership opportunities
  5. Participate in a Virtual Career Expo with 40+ companies and schools including one-on-one virtual meetings between professionals and students




"What does a career in business really mean? What are my options and who's doing it? What's my path? Not only can you explore what you want to do but you have a whole network of people who can help you understand how to get there."

— Diane Sinti, Director Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte

"I think the most important thing about going to Forté conferences is that you get to learn some of the skill sets that you’re not learning in class."

— Sri Narayanan, Rutgers, Class of 2021

Meet these sponsors at the 2021 conference: