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Take charge of your future with Forté Rise

Inaugural cohort launches February 2022

Despite the many gains women have achieved in business, they continue to be underrepresented in executive roles. Forté — and our community of more than 100,000 inspiring women — want to change this. Recognizing the need to support mid- to senior-level professional women, we’re launching Forté Rise, a 14-week leadership program designed to help MBA women advance in their careers. The Forté Rise program will help participants:

  • Become more confident and effective leaders.
  • Develop authentic leadership styles tailored to their skills and personalities.
  • Receive personalized executive coaching and feedback on their leadership development plans.
  • Discover ways to gain influence, communicate more effectively, and lead with authenticity.
  • Expand their networks and build a personal board of advisors.

Participants will also get access to an exclusive online community where members can connect with other inspiring women leaders, share experiences, and navigate career challenges together.

Are You Ready to Rise? Join Us!

Who Can Apply

Women who received their MBA in the last ten years.


Forté Rise is launching as a limited pilot program in February 2022. Registration fees for the inaugural cohort will be discounted. Email Amy Orlov or fill out the form below to learn how you can register for the program.

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