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Drought Action Pledge

Responding to the DroughtTuolumne dry

California’s severe drought reminds us how precious and limited water is.  We can help by doing our part to use it wisely.  While there is a lot of talk about building new dams, they cost billions of dollars and take a decade or more to build.  So, new dams won’t help us with the drought, but they will do more harm to the rivers we love and we already have more than 1,400 of major dams in the state. 

Water conservation and efficiency is cheap or even free.  Friends of the River is working to advance these solutions to meet our water needs without doing more harm to rivers.  You can help by taking this drought pledge as a first step.


  • Rivers are the lifeblood of California,  providing more than 60 percent of our clean water.
  • They provide recreational opportunities to millions of Californians every year.
  • They provide homes for countless species of plants and wildlife.
  • Their beauty is an important part of California’s natural heritage, just like our majestic mountains and beaches.

Our rivers need our help.  Due to development, dams and water diversions, we have lost:

  • 90% of the salmon population in California.
  • Millions of songbirds and put many riverside plants and animals on the endangered species list.
  • Thousands of beautiful fishing spots.
  • Hundreds of world-class whitewater stretches for  boating, camping, hiking and kayaking.

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I have taken the Drought Pledge...please do not build new dams!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'll do my part to help us get through this severe drought, by taking this pledge to cut my water use by:

In return, please make water conservation, in both urban and agricultural areas, your top priority for state policy to address the drought and promote sustainable water use. That is the fastest and cheapest way to ensure we have the water we need without doing more harm to California's magnificent rivers. Before spending tens-of-billions of dollars to build more dams, you can invest in new and more innovative solutions including water recycling, stormwater capture, and groundwater recharge. With 80% of the water we use in California going to irrigated agriculture, we also need smarter farming methods so that we can grow the food we need without using as much water. Californians have cut residential water use in half since 1973, and I will do even more, but we need your leadership to ensure the same level of effort across the board. Thank you.

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