New Jersey: Protect Pigs from Extreme Confinement


The vast majority of breeding pigs in the United States are forced to spend nearly their entire lives packed into gestation crates, enclosures so small the pigs can’t even turn around.

These crates are so cruel that nine U.S. states and the European Union have passed legislation to outlaw them. Food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Denny’s have all taken steps to eliminate gestation crates from their supply chains, yet despite strong public support for ending this horrific practice, the crates are legal in New Jersey.

Now is the time for New Jersey to join the nine other states that have already enacted legislation outlawing these types of inhumane confinement systems by passing the legislation introduced by Assembly members Whip Wilson and Marlene Caride.


Please make a brief, polite call to your New Jersey state representative and urge his or her co-sponsorship for representatives Wilson and Carides's bill to ban gestation crates. Look up your legislator’s phone number here. You can simply say, “I would like you to please co-sponsor the animal protection bill, Assembly Bill 3250 that is being introduced by representatives Wilson and Caride (pronounced car-ee-dee), a measure that would require pigs to be able to stand up, turn around, and extend their limbs.” Feel free to mention that it passed the Senate 34 to1.

Then, tell whoever you talk with that you would like a response. Click here to find out more about gestation crates.  

After making your phone call (please do not skip that crucial step!), fill in and submit the form below to automatically send a follow-up message to your state representative. Legislators receive many emails, so be sure to edit your message so it stands out.

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