News Report Exposes MA Farm Animal Abuse


Last night, Fox 25 Boston documented thousands of Massachusetts chickens locked in metal battery cages so small that they can’t even extend their wings. 

Watch the video now 

Help stop this cruelty. We need you to make two short phone calls in support of House Bill 1456/Senate Bill 741, legislation that will ban gestation crates and veal crates in the commonwealth, and asking for support and the inclusion of a ban on battery cages.

Click here to find your legislators’ information. Be sure to click on “Massachusetts” for your state senator and representative.

Calling is quick and easy — and critical! You can simply say, “My name is XXXXX, and I live in Senator/Representative XXXXX’s district. I am calling  to ask that Senator/Representative XXXXX work to ban battery cages for laying hens in the Commonwealth. I hope that Senator/Representative XXXXX will be doing all s/he can to ensure that the farm animal protection bill includes a ban on cages for egg-laying hens.” 

If you do not receive a definitive answer, please leave your name and email address and ask for an official response. 

And then, please also send a follow-up message. 


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Please pass H.1456/S.741 (preventing cruelty to farm animals)

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