New Jersey: Urgent Action for Farm Animals Needed!

As you know, we have been working diligently to pass a bill in New Jersey that will ban cramming pigs into gestation crates, which are so tiny that the animals can’t even turn around. 

Very soon, the New Jersey Assembly will be voting on a new version of the bill, A2500/S998.

Please call your state assembly member right now and ask that she or he vote in favor of A2500/S998.  

Click here to find your assembly member’s information.

Calling is quick and easy — and critical! You can simply say, “My name is XXXXX, and I live in Assembly Member XXXXX’s district. I am calling about A2500/S998, which will stop pregnant pigs from being confined in tiny crates. I hope that Assembly Member XXXXX will vote in favor of A2500/S998.”

Ask whomever you speak with whether your member is going to vote for the bill when it comes back up. If she or he doesn’t know, please ask for a callback with an answer.

Click here to find out more about gestation crates.

Please also send a follow-up message. 

And, please forward this message to all your friends and family, and post it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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