Stop the Slaughter of Sick and Injured Birds

Despite the fact that chickens and turkeys comprise more than 98.5 percent of all slaughtered animals in the United States, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has refused to create legal requirements that eliminate the worst abuses of birds at slaughter. 

Consequently, birds are routinely and horrifically abused. It is perfectly legal for slaughter plants to take animals with broken wings or legs and subject them to the full and agonizing slaughter process. As discussed in this front page story from The Washington Post, every year, millions of these poor animals are literally boiled alive. 

Farm Sanctuary and the Animal Welfare Institute have filed a legal petition with the USDA, calling on the agency to create regulations that will stop the slaughter of sick and injured animals, among other protections. You can read our full petition here, along with an article about our petition

Then, please contact the USDA and ask them to act on our petition by creating poultry regulations to stop some of the worst abuses, including a ban the slaughter of animals with broken wings or legs. 

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