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Tennessee: Protect Farm Animals

Farm animals in Tennessee need your help. 

Last year, thanks to the efforts of compassionate Americans all over the country, anti-whistleblower bills were defeated in all 11 states where they were introduced, including Tennessee. Your dedication and hard work convinced the governor to veto the bill. 

But now, the industry is back with a vengeance, including the introduction of House Bill 2258 in Tennessee, which would turn undercover investigators on behalf of animals into criminals! 

Whistleblowers are heroes, not criminals.

Please make a brief, polite phone call right now to your state representative (find phone numbers here) and urge him or her to oppose HB. 2258. You can simply say, “Hello, my name is XXXXXX, and I live in your district. I oppose HB. 2258, and I hope you will too. I don’t believe that undercover investigations of factory farms should be illegal, and I want to know how Representative XXXXX is going to vote on this bill.” 

Be sure to leave your name and phone number. If the receptionist can’t tell you how your legislator is going to vote, please ask for a call back.

After you call, please submit this form to automatically send a follow-up message. Feel free to customize this letter in your own words — and be sure to ask for a reply.

And, please forward this message to all your friends and family, and post it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.



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