Urgent Connecticut Action: Stop this Dangerous Anti-Animal Bill

As you know, we are working in coalition with the ASPCA, The Humane Society of the United States, and many other groups to ban some of the worst confinement systems for farm animals. 

The meat industry in Connecticut is responding to our efforts by attempting to pass a horrible greenwashing bill that will create a “Livestock Advisory Council,” which would remove power from the public and put it in the hands of an unaccountable council packed with pro-factory farming advocates.

Please call and email your state legislators (both House and Senate) right now, and ask that they oppose HB 5416 today

You can say something like, “My name is [YOUR NAME], and I live at [ADDRESS]. I urge Representative/Senator [NAME OF LEGISLATOR] to OPPOSE HB 5416 because it would create a heavily biased livestock council. This bill is anti-democratic and anti-animal.” 

Be sure to leave your name and phone number. If the receptionist can’t tell you how your legislator is going to vote, please ask for a call back.

After you call, please submit this form to automatically send a follow-up message. Feel free to customize this letter in your own words, and be sure to ask for a reply.

And, please forward this message to all your friends and family, and post it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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