Dangerous North Carolina Bill Would Harm Farm Animals

The Governor heard you loudly and clearly, and so he vetoed the bill that would criminalize undercover investigations on factory farms and in slaughterhouses in North Carolina.

But North Carolina’s legislators are poised to try to override his veto, and they need to hear from you! 

They are expected to act as soon as tomorrow, so I need you to make two brief phone calls, right now.

House Speaker Tim Moore: 919-733-3451

House Majority Leader Mike Hager: 919-733-5749

You can simply say, “Hello, I live in CITY, and like 75 percent of North Carolina voters, I oppose SB 433/HB 405, the Ag-Gag bill. I am calling to ask that Rep. Moore/Hager not allow the Governor’s veto to be overridden.” 

Be sure to leave your name and phone number, and please ask for a call back.

After you call, please submit this form to automatically send a follow-up message. Feel free to customize this letter in your own words, and be sure to ask for a reply.

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