Rhode Island: Your state Senator needs to hear from you!

Rhode Island’s state legislature is considering a bill, H. 5505, that would ban battery cages (tiny cages that confine egg-laying hens for their entire lives).

Please—right now!—call your State Senator, Susan Sosnowski and voice your support for this critical legislation. You can reach Senator Sosnowski at (401) 222-4200.

You can simply say, “My name is XXXXX, and I live in CITY. I am calling to strongly encourage Senator Sosnowski to do all she can to support H.5505, which would ban the cruel confinement of hens in tiny cages." 

Ask whomever you speak with whether Senator Sosnowski is going to support the bill, and if she or he doesn’t know, please ask for a call back or email with an answer.

Learn more about battery cages.


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