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Living With Wildlife in our Backyard Webinar

As human populations grow outward, conflict with wildlife will likely increase - unless we learn to co-exist. This unique webinar will look at some of the co-existence techniques implemented in The Fur-Bearers Living with Wildlife program. We’ll discuss the unique traits of our wild neighbours and how we can use those to our advantage when implementing non-lethal solutions for dealing with wildlife. We’ll examine some of the non-lethal techniques The Fur-Bearers use in wildlife management and how those techniques can be adapted by others to co-exist with wildlife in their own neighborhoods. Examples will linclude how we co-exist with beavers, bears, coyotes, and more wildlife!

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Living With Wildlife In Our Backyards will take place on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at 2 pm Eastern, 11 am Pacific. Admission by donation.  Please register with your information below. You will be provided a link in your receipt email that you can use to access the webinar at the aforementioned date and time.

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