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The Fur-Bearers’ Living With Wildlife Research Grant Program

Horizontal Juvenile Beaver

Beavers are adorably furry eco-engineers that we’ll be seeing more of in marketing materials as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. But the way our national animal is treated, even here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, remains hidden from the public.

Wetlands, vital ecosystems in our country, are created and maintained by beavers. They clean water, increase fish populations, and have adorable multi-generational families that live together. But when deemed inconvenient, inherently inhumane traps are deployed to kill them. In communities across the country, beavers are maimed and killed by traps because they may create infrastructure problems with their damming or tree felling activities.

The Fur-Bearers have a way to keep beaver families together, and infrastructure safe – but we need your help to implement it.

Flow devices, which can prevent damming from beginning, or render an existing dam safe from causing damage, in addition to strategic tree wrapping and community education, are part of the beaver co-existence program offered by The Fur-Bearers. We save dozens of beavers every year by going into communities, teaching them how to use these tools, and providing education for their residents. We’ve been building devices locally, in communities like Mission, Bowen Island, Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and Port Moody. But we’re hitting roadblocks: costs. We’re invited across the province and the country, but simply can’t afford to get to all the places we want to help. You can save help save beavers by becoming a supporter.

As a donor, you help us fund our beaver co-existence program and deliver these affordable, long-term solutions to communities. Backed by science, in-field programs like this can literally save lives for decades. Any amount will make a difference, and get us to more communities to teach these lifesaving methods, and provide education across the country.

Give today, and help us build a Canada that beavers, too, will be proud to call home.

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