Fundraising 2021


ASK: The easiest way to raise money is to ask your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues to make a donation to Steppin’ Out in Pink. Explain your commitment, why you are involved and what you are doing —maybe because of a loved one battling breast cancer OR you are a survivor.

AUCTIONS: Put together a live or silent auction. Make an event out of it - work with an auctioneer who will donate his/her time and hold a live auction. A fundraiser in MA held a silent auction during their family reunion. Some people put together sports auctions, which are very popular. Collectibles are hot! Auction off the boss - have the boss or department head as your assistant for the day at work.

AWARD SHOW PARTY: Are you a movie, TV, music or theater buff? Invite your friends over to enjoy treats while watching the Emmy Awards®, Grammy Awards®, Tony Awards®, or Academy Awards® with a suggested donation to attend.


BAKE SALES: Hold a bake sale (focus on healthy treats!) at work or a busy place - a bank branch held a bake sale once a week for several months. Or have a no-bake sale where co-workers pay so they don’t have to bake goodies.

BANK FOR A YEAR: Get a team together and have everyone save $2 per week beginning the week after you register. In 50 weeks each team member will have raised $100. Or donate 50 cents every day and in 50 weeks you’ll have collected $175 from yourself. Add just two more friends giving you 50 cents each per day and you will now have a total of $525 in 50 weeks.

BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH A PURPOSE: Individuals have had birthday parties to fight breast cancer and on the invitation ask that in lieu of gifts, guests bring a check made out to Steppin’ Out in Pink.

BOOK SALES: Round up gently used books from your team members’ personal collections as well as donations from local publishing houses, bookstores and libraries. Spread the word, set up a table in a highly trafficked location and sell the books. Include a thank-you bookmark with a photo of your team at last year’s walk and a link to your team’s fundraising Web page.


CANDY BAR SALES: Sell candy bars at work, or have someone at a business let you set up a little display box (beauty shops, store check-out counters, etc.). You can purchase box kits from wholesale warehouses or ask a candy store to donate them.

CHANGE JAR: Each team member takes a jar and the first person to fill it up with change gets a prize. Start off with small jars and increase the size each round. As the donation totals for the Association increase, so do the prize values.

CHILI COOK OFF: Host a chili cook off and either sell tickets or have people vote on their favorite batch by making a donation.

COMEDY NIGHT: Ask a local comedy night to host an evening in support of Steppin’ Out in Pink and invite your friends and family to help sell tickets.


DAY OF CLEANING DRAWING: Donate for a chance to win a day of professional house cleaning, with tickets selling for $5 each.

DOG SIT: While the owners are on vacation, saves them from sending Fido to the kennel.

DRESS DOWN DAYS: Many businesses have days when employees can dress down for a day if they make a donation to a certain cause.


EMAIL: Email your friends and associates for donations and change your email signature line to include a link to your fundraising page, including why you’re joining the fight against breast cancer.

ERRAND SERVICE: Never have time… Run an errand service! Have your team spend a day running errands for a fee.

ENVELOPE AT A RESTAURANT: Ask local restaurants to allow you to place donation envelopes at each table. Servers will collect funds after every sitting. Also ask if you can put up pink balloons, table tents and posters around the restaurant.


FACE PAINTING: Set up a booth at a local event, fair or festival. Kids love it! Charge 50 cents and up.

FASHION SHOW: Put a spin on the traditional fashion show by holding a pet fashion show, a Halloween costume show or an accessory show. Be creative, charge an admission fee and find a way to incorporate stories from those affected by breast cancer.

FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS: Ask your local restaurants if they will have a fundraising day. Either a percentage of the day’s profits or from a certain item on the menu will go towards your fundraising efforts. You should be on hand to ask for donations from the patrons as well as be able to talk about Steppin’ Out in Pink.

FLAMINGO ALERT: Place a pink flamingo in someone’s yard. It will fly away once a donation is made to Steppin’ out in Pink. Some people have expanded this idea and for a set amount you can designate the next person it should go to, as well as purchase flamingo repellent so it will not land on your yard. Other lawn ornaments could be used.

FLOWER BOUQUET DRAWING: Ask a local florist to donate a bouquet of flowers, one for each month for a three-month period (or go to 3 different florists and get one per shop).


GAME NIGHT: Have a game night- much like a party with a purpose. Everyone comes to your house to play board games, charades etc. Charge an “entrance” fee.

GARAGE SALES: Team members band together by donating items for one huge garage sale. Advertise the sale wherever you can and make sure everyone knows that all donations benefit the care, support and research efforts of Steppin’ Out in Pink.


HAPPY HOUR/ DINNER: Partner with a local bar or restaurant to host a cocktail, mocktail, or dinner where the establishment donates the proceeds from the evening, or a portion of sales, to fight lupus.

HOLE-IN-ONE: Set up a portable putting green and for a donation; let people try to put it in. You can do this on site, or at a community event beforehand.

HOT DOG FOR STEPPIN’ OUT: A principal at an elementary school agreed that if ALL the teachers raised $100 each he would dress up like a hot dog and let the students squirt ketchup, mustard, and relish on him. Could work for a boss too!


ICE CREAM SOCIALS: Plan one at your place of work or for friends, asking for a donation to attend. Sell ice cream, low-fat yogurt and other frozen treats for dessert at your place of work.


JAIL & BAIL: For a donation, employees can be arrested. For an additional donation they can post their own bail, or employees have a bounty placed on their head, are arrested and are not set free until the entire bounty is raised ($100 or more per inmate). This activity can also be done on site.

JEANS DAY: Have co-workers donate $5 to wear jeans for the day. Spice it up by making it a Hat Day, Team Spirit Day, Pink Day, etc.

JEWELRY SALES: Group comes together to sell jewelry/accessories they don’t wear anymore.


KARAOKE NIGHT: Hold this event at a popular neighborhood spot and charge an entrance fee or rent a karaoke machine and hold a tournament at your house or office. Voting is done with dollars!

KISS A PIG CONTEST: Recruit a local celebrity to kiss a swine when a certain amount of money has been raised. This has also been done as a contest. Put the face of all employees one on each jar, and who ever raised the most money must kiss the animal (could also be a team mascot, goat mule, dog etc.)


LAWN SERVICE: While you are mowing your lawn, mow someone else’s - for a donation.

LETTER WRITING: A great way to ask for donations without asking in person. Send letters out to your friends and family explaining what you’re doing and why, and ask for a specific amount or leave it up to them. Write them your personal goal and ask for their help. Some people write letters on behalf of their pets or babies, adding a little humor.

LUNCH WITH THE CEO: Auction off lunch or maybe a round of golf with the CEO or president of your company.


MATCHING GIFTS: Ask your company to match what you raise. Some companies have a matching gift policy, check to see if your does. If they don’t, ask them anyway.

MONEY JARS: Set up money jars or coin boxes at your place of work. This is good for banks, diners/restaurants hairdressers, and stores. Check back to empty frequently.

MOVIE NIGHT: Invite your friends over for a night at the movies. You provide the popcorn and soda and charge admission. Or have a movie week during lunch hour at work. Charge admission and invite employees to eat their lunch while they watch.


NATURE TRAIL HIKE: Host a guided trail hike at a nearby park.

NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY: Ring in the New Year with donations to Steppin’ Out in Pink. Make this party one not to miss with a unique theme, raffles and prizes.


OFFICE OLYMPICS: Hold events like typing competitions, swivel chair races, staple pull contests, a stress ball toss, a water cooler drinking game, etc. Ask all athletes to pay an entry fee.

ORNAMENT SALE: Create holiday ornaments with your team and sell them.


PANCAKE BREAKFASTS: Hold a pancake breakfast at a hall, church or at work on specific days.

PET FASHION SHOW: Have a pet fashion show where you give everyone’s pet the opportunity to flaunt its favorite outfit. Charge admission and vote for best outfit, matching outfits (owner and pet) wildest outfit, etc.

PLANT SALES: Work with local florists or wholesaler and sell potted plants. A nursing home group did this and painted the flowerpots, repotted the plants and added a bow with a card. They sold a number to friends, staff and family members of the patients.


QUESTIONS FOR A BUCK: A team raised money by having their boss, who was constantly being asked questions by everyone to start charging a buck for each question. Word spread throughout the company what he was doing, and everyone started asking questions and paying up.

QUIZ BOWL: Hold a trivia night at a local establishment. See if the restaurant will donate a gift card to the winner and a portion of the night’s proceeds to your team.


RAFFLE: Set up a 50/50 Raffle, where the winner wins half and half is donated, or collect an in-kind gift to raffle off.

ROLL THOSE PENNIES: Roll those pennies sitting in a jar on your dresser. While you’re at it roll the rest of your coins you have been collecting.


SERVICES: Donate the services of your team members, i.e. get the best gourmet chef on your team to agree to go to someone’s home and prepare a meal (for a fee of course). Get your VP to commit to wash an employee’s car, or several, if willing. Have the company photographer take a family photo for a certain amount, etc.

SKUNK THEM: As a hospital group did, put a stuffed skunk on a co-worker’s desk. They need to pay a donation to the Steppin’ Out in Pink to have him go away or they need to pay to be de-skunked. See Flamingo Alert for other ideas.

SOUP SALES: Especially during the cold winter months - take orders from your co-workers and have a soup sale at work. If you work in town, offer it to the offices throughout the community. Take orders ahead of time and have an evening of team soup making.


THEATER NIGHT: Ask your local theater to put on a special performance in which a portion of the ticket (and possibly concession) sales is donated to your team. Invite everyone you know and promote the event through social media.

TURKEY DRAWING: Get a grocery store to donate a certificate for a turkey or ham to be picked up just in time for Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas or a BBQ package for Labor Day or Memorial Day. Food is always a good item to chance off.


UGLY SWEATER CONTEST: Get a group involved and have the audience or each party attendant vote at $1 per vote, a lot of money can be raised for your efforts with the winner getting some sort of reward.

UNWANTED GIFT SALE: Get your co-workers, friends, and family to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts. Set up a bazaar and sell them off.


VACATION DAY AWARD: Have your employer award a free day off to the team member who raises the most money. Post the standings for the weeks leading up to the walk.

VOICEMAIL: Change your voicemail outgoing message to a fact about breast cancer, why you are raising funds for breast cancer research and education and how to make a donation.


WAIT TABLES: Work with a restaurant that will let you designate a specific night to benefit the Steppin’ Out in Pink. Pizza Huts have been known to do this as well as others. Your team would be the waiters for the evening and would collect all the tips as well as possibly a percentage of that evening’s receipts. Make sure all your friends and family eat at that restaurant during the benefit.

WEAR COMPANY LOGOS: Tell companies that you will walk around wearing their hat or t-shirt for half an hour for a $25 dollar donation.

WINE TASTING PARTY: Secure wine, cheese and chocolate donations or pull from team members’ stashes! Invite all your friends to attend and ask for a donation to your team.


XMAS PARTY: Dedicate you annual holiday party to Steppin’ Out in Pink. Ask family, friends and co-workers for donations instead of presents. Honor those touched by breast cancer by lighting candles. For a twist – have a Xmas in July party!

XYLOPHONE CONCERT: Hold a music concert or recital. Pass refreshments and ask for donations or sell tickets in advance.


YOGA LUNCH: Get your co-workers to “ommm” away work stress in a lunchtime yoga session. Find a yoga instructor who will donate half or all the proceeds back to your team. Afterward, provide healthy workout treats or waters bottles labeled with information about your team and fundraising goal.


ZANY DAYS: Get people to pay to dress in the craziest outfits they can come up with.

ZUMBA-THON: Get a local Zumba instructor to donate their services and charge admission with proceeds going to Steppin’ Out in Pink!