Velocity 2022


On Saturday, May 7, 2022, Our team will be running,riding,walking as part of VeloCity, supporting Grady Health System, and I hope you will help me meet my fundraising goal 
of $--------.
Grady makes our entire community stronger by ensuring access to quality health care that allows us all to lead productive lives and care for our families. And, as a level 1 trauma center, Grady is also there when the unimaginable happens–saving lives threatened by accidents, burns, strokes, or other life-threatening injuries. 
Funds raised will help Grady provide preventative care in our clinics, screenings for cancer and heart disease, in-home follow up programs for at-risk mothers, and healthy meals for patients whose conditions can be controlled by diet. Contributions will also be used to support the amazing women and men who work at Grady, all of whom labored tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to impact the lives of thousands of patients each and every day. 
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